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Another day like today will come again tomorrow...

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My Name is Shaira, but you can call me Xai.
Philippines | 20 | Speaks Bisaya, Filipino, English, and self-studying Nihongo

✿ Arashian (bias: Nino)

✿ Tobikko (bias: Yamada)

✿ SCANDALous (bias: Tomomi)

✿ JPOPer & an ANIME lover

I love to watch anime, jdramas, jmovies, live-action movies, and japanese variety shows. I watch any of these on a daily basis. I also listen to jpop of various genres each and every day. These things, along with my idols, completes my day. ^^

I'm an absolute shipper of OhMiya & AriYama and I desperately try to associate Arashi with JUMP as much as I can. lols. Since both my ichibans are quite close in private, I sometimes ship NinoYama as well.  ̄ω ̄

My favorite senpai-kouhai combi are Ohchan & Chinen and Aiba & Inoo. I guess I also have to insert Nino & Yamada / Daiki though they don't really show it. (ღ˘‿˘ღ)

I'm not active in the SCANDAL fandom, but I've been in the fandom longer than in Arashi & JUMP so rest assured that I love those girls through the depths of soul. haha. I'm still following their updates silently and flails every now and then. ^^

I also listen to other JPOP artists like miwa, Mariya Nishiuchi, YUI, Flower, and other more. I'm a music lover but my favorite genre would always be rock (except heavy metal rock; I hate screams) and pop mellow. ♡

Other things about me:
- I love to read English novels. My favorite authors are Kim Harrison, Rick Riordan, Nicholas Sparks, and C.S. Lewis. I'm most interested in fantasy and action genres.
- I love to sing, but have absolutely no talent in dancing. xD
- The only manga series I read is Hayate no Gotoku. lols. And it's also my fav. anime
- I love all the instruments in a rock band (e.g. Bass, Drums, Electric/Accoustic Guitar, Keyboard) but my fav sound is the bass, though sometimes, I'm more attracted to drummers. xD

That's basically the things I do everyday.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

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